Monday, August 29, 2011

HUFFINGTON POST - Alison Van Pelt: FUCK PRETTY Curator: Angela Featherstone at Robert Berman Gallery

Fuck Pretty
- A Photography Exhibit

EXTENDED thru August 27th!

July 21 - August 20, 2011
Opening Reception: July 21, 2011, 6 - 9pm
C2 Gallery

Actress Angela Featherstone's first curated show, Fuck Pretty, is a collection of photographs by world-renowned and unknown women artists, whose work moves and inspires her. There are images from contemporary photographers Catherine Opie, Susan Meiselas, Tierney Gearon and equally important to the curator, an array of emerging artists, some of whose work the curator is proud to be showing for the very first time.

Fuck Pretty will feature images from-in alphabetical order:
Sarah Baley
Sally Davies
Tierney Gearon
Sandy Gray
Naomi Harris
Hana Jakrlova
Sharon Johnson-Tennant
Siri Kaur
Gillian Laub
Kristina Loggia
Lauren Marsolier
Mary McCartney
Susan Meiselas
Catherine Opie
Alison Van Pelt
Cydney Puro
Marjorie Salvaterra
Jessica Shokrian
Deanna Templeton

A musical score created by the film composer Claudia Sarne (Book of Eli) will accompany the exhibition.

The opening reception will be sponsored by Solomon Tournour, Co- producers of Rene Hand Crafted Alambic Rum
and Svedka Vodka

Huffington Post - Peter Frank review of "Fuck Pretty - Chekhov, The Apocalypse And Minimalism: Haiku Reviews"

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