Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pop Art Legends, Mana Contemporary, Ed Ruscha, Andy Warhol, Alison Van Pelt, Keith Haring, Jenny Holzer, Yayoi Kusama

Pop Art Legends, Monumental Sculpture & More Coming to Mana Contemporary

Some of the more than 100 Pop Art works on display this weekend at Mana Contemporary

Big things are happening this weekend at Mana Contemporary, with six exhibitions featuring Pop Art classics, protest art from Syria and other gems.
On Sunday, Sept. 29, guests will be able to wander the sprawling art complex visit over 70 artist studios and also see six exhibitions of painting, sculpture, video and more.
“Pop Culture: Selections from the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation,” spread out over two floors of the building, features some of the most iconic work from the 50′s and 60′s art movement and highlights its continuing influence. The show, which is a collaboration between the Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation and curators at the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation, includes all 10 of Andy Warhol’s famous Marilyn Monroe silkscreens as well as prominent works by the likes of Keith Haring, Jenny Holzer, Yayoi Kusama, Roy Lichtenstein and Edward Ruscha.
At Mana’s brand-new Department of Decorative Art and Design, guests can see “Ilana Goor: New Limited Edition of Artistic Furniture and Bronze Sculpture,” curated by Donna Karan, which includes life-size and monumental bronze figures.
Other attractions include “Carole Feuerman: The Golden Mean,” a new collection of works from the world-renowned hyperrealist sculptor who works from a studio at Mana and a chance to learn more about the bronze pouring process at the Keating Foundry.
The Middle East Center for the Arts (MECA), which is housed in Mana, has a solo show by internationally renowned artist and filmmaker Shoja Azari called “Magic of Light,” which includes “Silence,” a fourpiece “video painting” series created in collaboration with painter Shahram Karimi as well as “There Are No Non Believers in Hell,” a video installation that shows the timelessness of Renaissance art through the lens of contemporary existential anxiety.
MECA is also presenting “Syria: A Silenced Scream,” which includes resistance posters created by the members of the group “The Syrian People Know Their Way” who are opponents of the Assad regime. The exhibit also includes the musical “Damascus Square,” which will bring audiences to on a journey into the hearts and minds of the region’s people. Lastly, MECA is also extending their “Voices from the Interior: Palestinian Women Artists” video art exhibit.
The exhibits open on Sunday, Sept. 29 from 1 pm to 6 pm at Mana Contemporary, 888 Newark Ave. For more information, visit the Mana website.   By • Sep 26th, 2013
Photo by Adam Cohen

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